Pitchroom virtual data room features

With Pitchroom data room you get access to a full range of features to enabling you manage your data room and get the most out of it. These features are included in all plans so you can access them as your data room requirements changes. If you have more than one data room each of them can have a unique set of settings, allowing you to have a public room and for instance a secured investor room – all controlled from the same account.

Confidential sharing
Confidential sharing

Upload your work to a single location. Pitchroom converts uploaded files to a bespoke presentation format, complete with secure login and watermarking to protect your IP.

Upload of entire folders
Upload of entire folders

No more finding and uploading file after file , folder after folder. Select an entire folder with files and subfolders – files that can be converted into a webfriendly format is done so automatically.

Insights and analytics
Insights and analytics

Once you’ve uploaded documents, Pitchroom’s rich analytics let you see when investors have viewed them and how much they’ve engaged with them in real time, letting you choose the perfect moment to follow up.

But you also get all of these features

Branded data room

Branded data room with custom URL, logo and custom landing page images.

Interactive presentation

You can blend video and images along with surveys and comments to invite conversation.

Instant notifications

Be notified when a guest accesses your data room or requests access.

Exclusive partner offers

Get access to special offers and great savings through our partnerships.

Pitch Perfectly

We help you deliver the perfect pitch and keep it up to date. No more legacy decks floating around.

Video on demand

Pitchroom includes video hosting which can be standalone or natively embedded in decks.

Audio Narration
Live Feedback
Trusted login options
One-click access (Optional)
High level security
Personal onboarding
Upgrade and downgrade your plan any time
Stress free trial
Unlimited visitors
Free support
Continuous free upgrades to the platform
Personal onboarding on request
Dynamic watermarking
Audit log
KPI module
Update module
Team module

And more being added to the platform all the time. Many of our new features and changes are based on your input, feedback and suggestions. If you want to let us know what’s on your mind please reach out to us on feedback@pitchroom.io – we’d love to hear from you.