Simple pricing, onboarding, and management for business-critical activities. Pitchroom is a purpose-built platform for startup fundraising.

Pitchroom offers a unique secure virtual data room solution

Pitchroom is a virtual data room, file sharing, audience management, tracking and presentation platform – all in one unified solution

*no credit card required, free plan available

Pitchroom as a custom virtual data room

Pitching is an essential part of any business – without it the company will never grow. Pitching, however, can carry big risks for start-ups, sales & creative professionals. Investors tend not to sign NDAs, so you need to be sure that your confidential intellectual property is protected.

Confidential sharing
Upload your work to a single location. Pitchroom converts uploaded files to a bespoke presentation format, complete with secure login and watermarking to protect your IP.

Insights & Analytics
Powerful analytics allow you to gauge the optimal time to follow up. Make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Branded Data Room
Personalise your pitch by applying your branding to your data room. All Pitchroom subscriptions include custom domain as standard.

Interactive Presentation
Pitchroom includes an email module allowing you to control & manage your pitches from the same solution. This means more bang for your buck and centralised performance metrics.

Instant Notifications
You’ll be notified as soon as your guests request access to your documents or access your data room. You are in control and can follow the process in realtime.

Pitch Perfectly
With native video playback as well as audio narration, you can tailor your pitch to suit each of your guests. Pitchroom protects your files and documents with dynamic watermarking.

More than just press play

Pitchroom includes native video playback as well as audio narration, so you can create tailored experiences for your guests.

Video on demand
Host standalone videos, or insert them into presentations using Pitchroom’s Replace Slide function to create a seamless unified experience for the viewer.
Audio Narration

Explain the details as your guest views your pitch with audio narration. Assign tracks to specific slides, or record separate tracks for each guest.
Live Feedback

Inspire conversations with polls, surveys and commenting between sender & receiver, directly from the file.

A Unified Solution

Pitchroom combines a personalised data room with easy file sharing, copyright protection, a presentation platform and an email marketing service.

Trusted login options
Pitchroom allows guests to log in via some of the most trusted software companies in the world.

One-click access
Social logins allow guests to access your shared files immediately.

High level security
Pitchroom operates a 2048 bit SSL encryption technology that models highly advanced cryptography and elliptical algorithms to provide the highest level of security

Stress free trial

Pitchroom offers the world’s most customer-friendly trial: there’s no time limit until a guest accesses your data room, so spend as long as you need learning how Pitchroom works before inviting a guest.





 $0 / month

1 branded data room

50 mb storage

1 Admin

Unlimited Audience*

$19 / month

2 branded data rooms

500mb storage

2 Admins

Unlimited Audience*


$99 / month

3 Branded Data Rooms

5000mb Storage

3 Admins

Unlimited Audience*

$399 / month

5 Branded Data Rooms

5 TB Storage** 

5 Admins

Unlimited Audience*

*) We do not limit how many visitors your data room can receive.
**) Additional storage can be added.